Murphy's Law

Noisome Misdeeds presents
a film about Look Down by Todd Pitman

Murphy's Law

Music by Look Down
Peter Blomgren, Jake Hartnett, Jacob Huelster, Joe Schweigert

Shot and edited by Todd Pitman

Thank You
Scott Puckett, "Indie" Anna Derengowski, Jordan Braun, Dave "Yuengling" Keys, Nick Westervelt, Peter Barker-Huelster, Beth Lewandowski, Emily Ting, Alison Kuo, Charles Murphy, Matt Robshaw, Lily Bevis, Brita Thompson, The Hartnetts, Friends & Family

"Amperfan," "Micro Tears," "We've Got The Same Number," "Just A Clinic," "I've Reached The Summit," "Jeans And Jackets And Dresspants And Coats," "Transgressional Hearing," "Zack Morris Phone," "Wild Stallions," "Macro Fears," "Anniversary Rites," "Nighttime By Sunlight" written and performed by Look Down, copyright © 2004-2005 Afternoon Records

"Feel Awake" written and performed by Look Down, copyright © 2002 Steady Records

"Just The Kiss Of The Hops: The Beer That Made Look Down Famous," "Mauston" written and performed by Look Down, copyright © 2006 Look Down

"Train To Portland" written by Jacob Huelster, performed by Look Down, Push The Film, copyright © 2003 Steady Records

"Custom Concern" written by Isaac Brock, performed by Joe Schweigert, copyright © 1996 Up Records

"Princess Starcrystal" written by Paul Sprangers, performed by Look Down, copyright © 2002 Hockey Night

Additional Camerawork
Peter Blomgren, Joe Schweigert, Jake Hartnett, Jacob Huelster, Tom Reinert, Seth Yorgon

Additional Thanks
Hockey Night, Squareshooters, Viceburgh, Thumpasaurus People, The Staplers, Tree Of Snakes, Change The Station, A Night In The Box, Aneuretical, Malone, The Plastic Chord, (This Is Not) (This Is Now), The Delancey, The Linwood, The 'Zoo, The Triple Rock, Charlie's, The Uptown Bar, Sapna Mehta, Jerry Bell, Boomerang's, The Darkroom, Barcade, The Long Room

DVD Cover Illustration
Geoffrey Thomas

DVD/Website Design
Todd Pitman

DVD Authoring
Copycats Hi-Fi Media

Shot In and Between
Minneapolis, MN; Saint Paul, MN; Chicago, IL; Richmond, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; New Paris, PA; Bedford, PA; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Mosquito Lake, OH; Kalamazoo, MI

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